Quality Policy

FSC PROJECT SRL is strongly oriented towards the Quality of its products and customer satisfaction, that’s why it is careful in the selection of (internal) staff and of the external companies which in turn must be adequately qualified.

The goals are
  1. A high level of satisfaction of customer’s need and expectations, ensuring compliance with the service standards established by local, national and international regulations, full compliance of services and products with specifications and quality standards, assistance with the correct and safe use of products and full compliance with customer agreements;
  2. A constant professional growth and a full empowerment of human resources, constantly and consciously involved in the pursuit of objectives and in improving the quality of the services provided;
  3. Evaluation of its suppliers, on the basis of their products and services quality and in compliance with contractual agreements;
  4. Compliance with current legislation both on safety in the workplace and on the environment;
  5. Special attention to technological innovation to be integrated into our machinery (electrical, mechanical, security system,…);
  6. Attention to CE marking and to the compliance tests of the machine.

The management periodically reviews the Quality Policy, and establishes yearly its objectives through the management review.